ISSCC 2010
Conference paper

The implementation of POWER7™: A highly parallel and scalable multi-core high-end server processor

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The next processor of the POWER™ family, called POWER7™ is introduced. Eight quad-threaded cores are integrated together with two memory controllers and high-speed system links on a 567mm2 die, employing 1.2B transistors in 45nm CMOS SOI technology [4]. High on-chip performance and therefore bandwidth is achieved using 11 layers of low-κ copper wiring and devices with enhanced dual-stress liners. The technology features deep trench [DT] capacitors that are used to build the 32MB embedded DRAM L3 based on a 0.067μm2 DRAM cell. DT capacitors are used also to reduce on-chip voltage-island supply noise. Focusing on speed, the dual-supply ripple-domino SRAM concepts follows the schemes described in [3] and [5]. ©2010 IEEE.