Journal of Crystal Growth

The growth and some properties of GaxIn1-xSb

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The alloy system GaxIn1-xSb has been shown to have potential for use in Gunn oscillators and related devices. From band gap considerations, the optimum device characteristics occur at alloy compositions between x=0.7 and 0.8. However, in this range the material is p-type with an acceptor concentration between 6 × 1015 and 1 × 1016 per cm3, whereas the material for the devices should be n-type with an electron concentration less than 1 × 1015/cm3. In this study alloy crystals were prepared by zone leveling and by liquid phase epitaxy. The effects of changes in the growth temperature, alloy composition, and types of solvents on the electrical properties were investigated. For GaSb-rich alloys it was found that the acceptor concentration was decreased by growing from Sb-rich solutions and increased by growing from Ga:In-rich solutions compared with growing from stoichiometric melts. The results are attributed to a deviation from stoichiometry (native defects). © 1971.


01 Jan 1971


Journal of Crystal Growth