VLSI Technology 2014
Conference paper

Strained Si1-xGex-on-insulator PMOS FinFETs with excellent sub-threshold leakage, extremely-high short-channel performance and source injection velocity for 10nm node and beyond

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We demonstrate high performance (HP) s-SiGe pMOS finFETs with Ion/Ieff of ∼1.05/0.52mA/μm and ∼1.3/0.71mA/μm at Ioff=100nA/μm at VDD=0.8 and 1V, extremely high intrinsic performance and source injection velocity. Compared to earlier work, an optimized process flow and a novel interface passivation scheme, result in ∼30% mobility enhancement and dramatic sub-threshold-swing reduction to 65mV/dec. We also demonstrate the most aggressively scaled s-SiGe finFET reported to date, with WFIN∼8nm and LG∼15nm, while maintaining high current drive and low leakage. With their very low GIDL-limited ID, min and more manufacturing-friendly process compared to high-Ge content SiGe devices, as well as impressive Ion∼0.42mA/μm at Ioff =100nA/μm and gm, int as high as 2.4mS/μm at VDD=0.5V, s-SiGe finFETs are strong candidates for future HP and low-power applications.