HPCA 2023
Conference paper

SpecFaaS: Accelerating Serverless Applications with Speculative Function Execution

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Serverless computing has emerged as a popular cloud computing paradigm. Serverless environments are convenient to users and efficient for cloud providers. However, they can induce substantial application execution overheads, especially in applications with many functions.In this paper, we propose to accelerate serverless applications with a novel approach based on software-supported speculative execution of functions. Our proposal is termed Speculative Function-as-a-Service (SpecFaaS). It is inspired by out-of-order execution in modern processors, and is grounded in a characterization analysis of FaaS applications. In SpecFaaS, functions in an application are executed early, speculatively, before their control and data dependences are resolved. Control dependences are predicted like in pipeline branch prediction, and data dependences are speculatively satisfied with memoization. With this support, the execution of downstream functions is overlapped with that of upstream functions, substantially reducing the end-to-end execution time of applications. We prototype SpecFaaS on Apache OpenWhisk, an open-source serverless computing platform. For a set of applications in a warmed-up environment, SpecFaaS attains an average speedup of 4.6×. Further, on average, the application throughput increases by 3.9× and the tail latency decreases by 58.7%.