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Results of an international leed intensity project: II. Evaluation of structural parameters

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Five experimental sets of LEED intensity data from Cu{001} collected in different laboratories were used for separate structure analyses aimed at the determinations of the relaxations of the first two interlayer spacings. The analyses were done in order to provide some estimates of the variation in LEED structural results caused by variations in sample preparation and data collection, Each analysis was made with the same data-handling procedure and with three different reliability factors. The results reflect the fact, noted in part I, that different data sets exhibit notable differences among peak positions and peak heights in equivalent I-V spectra. The largest difference between structural parameters from different sets is 0.07 Å (in one instance), but the standard deviation from the mean is about 0.03 Å. © 1987, Elsevier Science Publishers B.V.. All rights reserved.


01 Jan 1987


Surface Science