World Journal of Surgery

Resectability of lung cancer and survival in the New York Lung Cancer Detection program

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Of the 10,040 men who are enrolled in the New York Early Lung Cancer Detection program, 206 have now developed carcinoma of the lung, and 107 (52%) have been treated by complete resection. One hundred forty-seven lung cancers (71%) were detected and diagnosed by the screening examination; 59 were interval cases diagnosed because of symptoms or on x-rays taken elsewhere. Of the former group, 93 (63%) were completely resected, whereas only 14 (24%) of the latter group were resectable. Survival without regard to tumor stage or cell type is estimated to be 65% at 6 years for the carcinomas treated by complete resection, and 8% at 4 years for all others. © 1981 Société Internationale de Chirurgie.