IJCAI 2020
Workshop paper

Reinforcement Learning with External Knowledge by using Logical Neural Networks

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Conventional deep reinforcement learning methods are sample-inefficient and usually require a large number of training trials before convergence. Since such methods operate on an unconstrained action set, they can lead to useless actions. A recent neuro-symbolic framework called the Logical Neural Networks (LNNs) can simultaneously provide key-properties of both neural networks and symbolic logic. The LNNs functions as an end-to-end differentiable network that minimizes a novel contradiction loss to learn interpretable rules. In this paper, we utilize LNNs to define an inference graph using basic logical operations, such as AND and NOT, for faster convergence in reinforcement learning. Specifically, we propose an integrated method that enables model-free reinforcement learning from external knowledge sources in an LNNs-based logical constrained framework such as action shielding and guide. Our results empirically demonstrate that our method converges faster compared to a model-free reinforcement learning method that doesn't have such logical constraints.