Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing

Reconfigurable distributed storage for dynamic networks

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This paper presents a new algorithm for implementing a reconfigurable distributed shared memory in an asynchronous dynamic network. The algorithm guarantees atomic consistency (linearizability) in all executions in the presence of arbitrary crash failures of the processing nodes, message delays, and message loss. The algorithm incorporates a classic quorum-based algorithm for read/write operations, and an optimized consensus protocol, based on Fast Paxos for reconfiguration, and achieves the design goals of: (i) allowing read and write operations to complete rapidly and (ii) providing long-term fault-tolerance through reconfiguration, a process that evolves the quorum configurations used by the read and write operations. The resulting algorithm tolerates dynamism. We formally prove our algorithm to be correct, we present its performance and compare it to existing reconfigurable memories, and we evaluate experimentally the cost of its reconfiguration mechanism. © 2008 Elsevier Inc.