AIAA Modeling and Simulation Technologies Conference and Exhibit 1998
Conference paper

Real-time flight simulation for graduate aerospace education


This paper describes the concept of a low-cost piloted flight simulator for engineering officer training in the United Kingdom Royal Air Force. The Flight Engineering Systems Trainer (FEST) is a reconfigurable PC-based device capable of simulating a wide variety of subsonic fixed-wing aircraft. A 6 degree-of-motion platform supports a cockpit with dual force-feedback controls and software instrument and 3D visual displays. The system is designed to help meet the training requirements of the Engineering Officer Training (EOT) and Advanced Systems Engineering Course (ASEC), which include components of aerodynamics, flight dynamics, stability & control and aircraft performance. The FEST system allows students to conduct simulated flight test investigations, demonstrate handling & performance characteristics, and investigate the effects of aircraft design parameters. The FEST system was delivered to DSGT in summer 1997, and has now completed one annual cycle of students.