QCE 2023

Quantum Computing for Natural Sciences: Technology and Applications


The quest for novel and more powerful information processing methods -- capable of tackling some of the hardest computational problems in the natural sciences -- lies at the heart of the quantum computing revolution. As the technology progresses, what was originally only conceived in theory comes closer to becoming reality. The potential applications of quantum computing in the natural sciences are vast and varied, ranging from simulating complex chemical reactions and materials to modelling biological systems and developing new drug treatments. This full-day workshop on quantum computing for natural sciences is aimed at providing participants with a comprehensive overview of the latest advancements in quantum information processing methods and their potential applications in fundamental physics, chemistry, materials and life sciences. The workshop is divided into three sections, each devoted to a specific area, where experts in the respective fields will share their knowledge and provide talks on the current state-of-the-art and ongoing research efforts. The workshop aims to equip participants with a deeper understanding of the potential of quantum computing to revolutionize the natural sciences, highlighting the implications of this technology for future research and development efforts.