Applied Physics Letters

Properties of SiO2/Si/GaAs structures formed by solid phase epitaxy of amorphous Si on GaAs

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We have achieved solid phase epitaxy of thin amorphous Si layers on GaAs using in situ plasma processing and subsequent annealing. High-resolution transmission electron microscopy of the SiO2/Si/GaAs structure shows that a Si layer ≅20 Å thick epitaxially crystallizes on GaAs after annealing at ≅570°C in N2. Metal-oxide-semiconductor capacitors fabricated on these structures confirm the high quality of these interfaces. By comparing a high- frequency (100 kHz) capacitance-voltage curve with a quasi-static one, interface state densities as low as 4×10 12 eV-1/cm-2 were measured on both n- and p-type GaAs.