SPIE Optics, Imaging, and Instrumentation 1993
Conference paper

Progress on nonlinear optical chromophores and polymers for practical electro-optic waveguide application

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The realization of practical electro-optical devices based on the poled polymer waveguide approach is contingent on the simultaneous solution of a number of outstanding materials and fabrication issues. We have prepared and studied the molecular properties of a number of heterocycle containing chromophores with structures derived from high temperature polymer materials and further evaluated many of them as guests in polyimide polymer hosts. Correlations between the structure of these chromophores and their physical properties including optical nonlinearity, absorption, dipole moment and thermal stability have been made. Furthermore, a correlation between thermal stability and oxidation potential for some of these heterocyclic chromophores has been found and extension of this correlation to other types of nonlinear chromophores is suggested.