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Personalized key frame recommendation

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Key frames are playing a very important role for many video applications, such as on-line movie preview and video information retrieval. Although a number of key frame selection methods have been proposed in the past, existing technologies mainly focus on how to precisely summarize the video content, but seldom take the user preferences into consideration. However, in real scenarios, people may cast diverse interests on the contents even for the same video, and thus they may be attracted by quite different key frames, which makes the selection of key frames an inherently personalized process. In this paper, we propose and investigate the problem of personalized key frame recommendation to bridge the above gap. To do so, we make use of video images and user time-synchronized comments to design a novel key frame recommender that can simultaneously model visual and textual features in a unified framework. By user personalization based on her/his previously reviewed frames and posted comments, we are able to encode different user interests in a unified multi-modal space, and can thus select key frames in a personalized manner, which, to the best of our knowledge, is the first time in the research field of video content analysis. Experimental results show that our method performs better than its competitors on various measures.


07 Aug 2017


SIGIR 2017