IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems

Performance evaluation of bulk-data reliable multicast transport protocol


This paper evaluates the performance of a reliable multicast protocol for bulk-data transfer over unreliable networks via IP-multicast. Bulk-data type reliable multicast appears promising for commercial publishing and large-scale data replication. The proposed reliable multicast transport protocol (RMTP) provides high-performance due to the use of IP multicast while also providing confirmed and error free transfer by end-to-end controls. The protocol includes a multi-round selective repeat scheme dedicated for bulk-data multicast applications. This paper examines the multicast retransmission procedures in RMTP through analysis and tests on an implemented system and clarifies the basic performance behavior of the protocol. Evaluations are conducted with regard to retransmission redundancy, transfer time, and packet processing load with various error conditions and number of receivers. Against the response concentration problem seen in end-to-end communication, the backoff time algorithm is applied to the protocol; the limits it places on system scalability are clarified.