ASP-DAC 2011
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Path criticality computation in parameterized statistical timing analysis

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This paper presents a method to compute criticality probabilities of paths in parameterized statistical static timing analysis (SSTA). We partition the set of all the paths into several groups and formulate the path criticality into a joint probability of inequalities. Before evaluating the joint probability directly, we simplify the inequalities through algebraic elimination, handling topological correlation. Our proposed method uses conditional probabilities to obtain the joint probability, and statistics of random variables representing process parameters are changed due to given conditions. To calculate the conditional statistics of the random variables, we derive analytic formulas by extending Clark's work. This allows us to obtain the conditional probability density function of a path delay, given the path is critical, as well as to compute criticality probabilities of paths. Our experimental results show that the proposed method provides 4.2X better accuracy on average in comparison to the state-of-art method. ©2011 IEEE.


28 Mar 2011


ASP-DAC 2011