SPIE Advanced Lithography 2007
Conference paper

OPC model data collection for 45nm technology node using automatic CD-SEM offline recipe creation

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Optical and Process Correction in the 45nm node is requiring an ever higher level of characterization. The greater complexity drives a need for automation of the metrology process allowing more efficient, accurate and effective use of the engineering resources and metrology tool time in the fab, helping to satisfy what seems an insatiable appetite for data by lithographers and modelers charged with development of 45nm and 32nm processes. The scope of the work referenced here is a 45nm design cycle "full-loop automation", starting with gds formatted target design layout and ending with the necessary feedback of one and two dimensional printed wafer metrology. In this paper the authors consider the key elements of software, algorithmic framework_and Critical Dimension Scanning Electron Microscope (CDSEM) functionality necessary to automate its recipe creation. We evaluate specific problems with the methodology of the former art, "on-tool on-wafer" recipe construction, and discuss how the implementation of the design based recipe generation improves upon the overall metrology process. Individual target-by-target construction, use of a one pattern recognition template fits all approach, a blind navigation to the desired measurement feature, lengthy sessions on tool to construct recipes and limited ability to determine measurement quality in the resultant data set are each discussed as to how the state of the art Design Based Metrology (DBM) approach is implemented. The offline created recipes have shown pattern recognition success rates of up to 100% and measurement success rates of up to 93% for line/space as well as for 2D Minimum/Maximum measurements without manual assists during measurement.