APS March Meeting 2020

On-chip Integrable Highly Spectrally Uniform Ordered Semiconductor Quantum Dot Single Photon Source Arrays for Scalable Quantum Optical Networks

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Scalable optical networks demand ordered and spectrally uniform single photon source (SPS) array integrable on-chip with photon manipulating units. Recently we demonstrated such SPSs based on a new class of spatially ordered and spectrally uniform InGaAs/GaAs mesa top single quantum dots (MTSQDs) [1,2] that are readily integrable, on-chip, with dielectric light manipulating units (LMUs) [1,3] based on 2D photonic crystal platform or collective Mie-like resonance of dielectric building block based metastructures. These MTSQDs have single photon emission purity > 99% (g(2)(0)<0.02) at 9.4K [2]. The spectral uniformity of the nominally In0.5Ga0.5As MTSQD array is ~8nm limited by alloy fluctuation, but importantly reveal pairs of MTSQDs emitting within 300μeV [1,3]. In this talk we report studies on binary InAs/GaAs MTSQD in 5X8 arrays demonstrating striking spectral uniformity of 1.8nm (<2meV) over 1000um2 area. The results highlight the potential of the spatially-ordered MTSQDs-LMU integrated system for realizing quantum optical circuits [3]. [1] J.Zhang,J.Appl.Phys.120,243103(2016) [2] J.Zhang,Appl.Phys.Lett.114,071102(2019) [3] S.Chattaraj,IEEE J.Quant.Electron(2019), accepted for publication


02 Mar 2020


APS March Meeting 2020