SPIE San Diego 1992
Conference paper

Nonlinear optical polymeric waveguide electro-optic phase modulator


Three nonlinear optical polymeric systems based on nonlinear optical chromophores attached as side chains to poly(methyl methacrylate) were synthesized and their nonlinear optical properties measured in thin film form by second harmonic generation and by the electro-optic effect. Also, attenuation of light propagation in optical waveguides and photothermal deflection infrared spectra were measured on these films to aid in selecting the best system for device development. Based on these results, a phase modulator was constructed and with sub- carrier multiplexing the signals from five TV channels were placed on an infrared laser beam as sidebands. After a short transmission through space, these signals were then heterodyne detected and displayed on a TV monitor with good signal to noise and with no crosstalk.