APS March Meeting 2020

Mie Resonant Dielectric Metastructure based Quantum Optical Circuits Integrated with Single Photon Source: A new paradigm for Quantum Information Processing

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Realization of scalable optical quantum information processing systems requires optical circuits built around on-chip single photon sources (SPS) in spatially regular arrays[1] to provide the needed light manipulating functions of enhancement of SPS emission rate, control on emission directionality, guiding, splitting and recombining to enable on-chip controlled photon interference and entanglement. To this end we have introduced use of light manipulating units (LMU) based on metastructures of subwavelength dielectric building blocks in which a collective Mie mode provides all the above noted functions while eliminating mode mismatch between the components of the network, including the SPS[2]. In this talk we present FEM based simulation and design of such SPS-LMUs that result in two types of entanglement over large on-chip distances: (1) path-entanglement via interference of photons from distinct SPSs, and (2) emergence of coherence and entanglement via direct photon-mediated long-range coupling- resulting in super-radiance with ~2-fold decay rate enhancement of the coupled SPSs[3]. [1] J.Zhang, J.Appl.Phys.120,243103(2016) [2] S. Chattaraj,arXiv1811.06652v1(2018) [3] S.Chattaraj,IEEEJ.Quant.Electron.2019,Accepted for Publication *Funded by ARO W911NF-15-1-0025


02 Mar 2020


APS March Meeting 2020