IEEE Transactions on Components, Hybrids, and Manufacturing Technology

Measurements and Modeling of Fiber Optic Connector Pluggability

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A duplex fiber optic connector which mates to a transmitter receiver module is described and an analysis of the factors affecting the ability to plug the connector into the module is presented. The analysis discussed in this paper includes a detailed model predicting the force required to insert the ferrule into the bore, complemented by a measurement technique in which the plug force effects of controlled ferrule-to-bore offset are characterized. The results indicate several parameters of the connector design, related to both suspension mechanics and dimensional constraints, which affect the force required to plug the ferrule into the bore. One of the primary factors identified is the radial force generated by the connector spring, resulting from its axial compression, for which a unique measuring apparatus was developed. The effect of the radial force on connector plugging was studied through a combination of spring and connector pluggability measurements. © 1992 IEEE