IEEE International Performance, Computing and Communications Conference, Proceedings 1999
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Measurement, analysis and performance improvement of the Apache Web server

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Performance of Web servers is critical to the success of many corporations and organizations. However, very few results have been published that quantitatively study the server behavior and identify the performance bottlenecks. In this paper we measured and analyzed the behavior of the popular Apache Web server on a uniprocessor system and a 4-CPU SMP (Symmetric Multi-Processor) system running the IBM AIX operating system. Using the AIX built-in tracing facility, we obtained detailed information on kernel events and system activities while running Apache driven by the SPECweb96 and the WebStone benchmarks. After quantitatively identifying the performance bottlenecks, we proposed and implemented 6 techniques that improve the throughput of Apache by 61%. These techniques are general purpose and can be applied to other Web servers as well.