PerCom Workshops 2011
Conference paper

Market mechanisms for value of information driven resource allocation in sensor networks

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This paper examines the possible uses of different market mechanisms for resource allocation at different levels of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) architecture. The goal is to maximize the Value of Information (VoI) for WSN users. We discuss three different levels of WSN architecture. The lowest level focuses on individual nodes and their basic functions of sensing and routing. We give an example showing how the use of auctions at individual nodes can help to efficiently perform these functions. The middle level focuses on services that are abstractions of applications running on sensors. Complex applications are composed automatically from basic ones. We discuss the use of switch options to address some of the challenges arising in such dynamic service composition. Finally, we consider the highest level - network deployment and sharing - and conjecture that options may be valuable in creating proper incentives for rational deployment and sharing of WSNs. © 2011 IEEE.