Optical Data Storage 1995
Conference paper

Light intensity modulation direct overwrite on T 30 mm 2X MO media

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Direct Overwrite (DOW) at 2X operating densities has been demonstrated utilizing an IBM 2X drive and exchange coupled multilayered media. To generate the writing waveforms required for DOW, modifications of the laser driver electronics were implemented. The drive was integrated into a test bed to study the Light Intensity Modulation Direct Overwrite Media (LIMDOW) writing and overwriting characteristics. In this paper, we show that utilizing simple write waveforms consisting of PHi superimposed on a pedestal power, does not permit the attainment of satisfactory Figure of Merits (FOM's). We show that by modifying the write waveform we increase the temperature gradients that precisely define the written marks. Consequently, it is possible to achieve good FOM's even at OD conditions, and this is done by implementing straightforward modifications to the laser drive electronics of an IBM 2X drive.