SRII 2011
Conference paper

Language translation tools drive productivity improvements for global delivery of services

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Efficient utilization of global resources is crucial for globally integrated enterprises to improve their business performance. Rising costs of language translation by professional translators are inhibiting the growth of global delivery of services from and to countries and geographies where most documents need to be translated. The quality levels of current machine translation engines are inadequate for such business processes, since translation errors may cause significant business problems. Human-quality translations are needed, and we need tools for enhancing these human translation efforts. We have developed an architecture and some tools to help people create translations more efficiently. The framework provides tools for interactively creating translations by aggregating the information necessary for translating the documents, for checking the quality of the source documents to be translated, and for effectively gathering translation-related resources from existing documents. We conducted several experiments to evaluate the performance of the tools, and confirmed that the framework and tools are valuable in assisting human translation work. © 2011 IEEE.