CIKM 2014
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Knowledge management for keyword search over data graphs

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This demo presents exploratory keyword search over data graphs by means of semantic facets. The demo starts with a keyword search over data graphs. Answers are first ranked by an existing search engine that considers their textual relevance and semantic structure. The user can then explore the answers through facets of structural patterns (i.e., schemas) as well as through other features. A particular way of presenting answers in a compact form is also supported and is applicable when looking for a single entity that connects the keywords. The demo is based on a working prototype that users can try on their own. It includes five data graphs that are quite diversified. In particular, three of them were generated from relational databases and two-from RDF triples. The demo shows that the system enables users to easily and quickly perform various search tasks by means of exploration, filtering and summarization.


03 Nov 2014


CIKM 2014