IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices

Integrating phase-change memory cell with Ge nanowire diode for crosspoint memory - Experimental demonstration and analysis

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In this paper, we demonstrate a novel phase-change memory cell utilizing a low-temperature in situ doped single crystalline germanium nanowire diode as a bottom electrode as well as a memory-cell selection device. The integrated memory cell shows promising characteristics such as low programming current, large set/reset resistance ratio, and rectifying behavior, which is required for high-density 3-D crosspoint memory. The small contact area determined by the diameter of nanowires enables low programming current below 200 μA for reset and 50 μA for set. The average resistance ratio of set/reset state programmed by repetitive pulse programming is 82, which is large enough for large-array operation. The heterojunction formed between in situ doped Ge nanowires and Si substrate provides 100 × isolation for crosspoint-memory operation. © 2008 IEEE.