LCPC 2004
Conference paper

Implementation of parallel numerical algorithms using hierarchically tiled arrays

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In this paper, we describe our experience in writing parallel numerical algorithms using Hierarchically Tiled Arrays (HTAs). HTAs are classes of objects that encapsulate parallelism. HTAs allow the construction of single-threaded parallel programs where a master process distributes tasks to be executed by a collection of servers holding the components (tiles) of the HTAs. The tiled and recursive nature of HTAs facilitates the development of algorithms with a high degree of parallelism as well as locality. We have implemented HTAs as a MATLAB™ toolbox, overloading conventional operators and array functions such that HTA operations appear to the programmer as extensions of MATLAB™. We have successfully used it to write some widely used parallel numerical programs. The resulting programs are easier to understand and maintain than their MPI counterparts. © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2005.