VLSI Technology 2005
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High performance FDSOI CMOS technology with metal gate and high-k

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A high performance FDSOI CMOS technology featuring metal gate electrodes and high-k gate dielectrics is presented. Work-function tuning is accomplished by materials and process modification to achieve appropriate threshold voltages for FDSOI CMOS. The gate stacks exhibit an extremely thin effective inversion thickness (T inv) down to 14Å with a gate leakage current of 0.2A/cm 2. This represents a six order of magnitude leakage reduction compared to Poly/SiO 2. By optimizing the gate stack, the highest unstrained electron mobility is realized (207cm 2/Vs at E eff=1MV/cm) at T inv=14Å. Drive currents of 1050μA/μm and 770μA/μm at I off of 90nA/μm and 28μA/μm are achieved for nMOS and pMOS respectively. This is the highest reported pFET drive current for metal gate transistors with high-k gate dielectrics. We also present FDSOI metal gate high-k ring oscillators and SRAM cells with static noise margin (SNM) of 328mV at V dd=1.2V.