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Hardware-in-the-loop simulation for automated benchmarking of cloud infrastructures

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To address the challenge of automated performance benchmarking in virtualized cloud infrastructures, an extensible and adaptable framework called CloudBench has been developed to conduct scalable, controllable, and repeatable experiments in such environments. This paper presents the hardware-in-the-loop simulation technique used in CloudBench, which integrates an efficient discrete-event simulation with the cloud infrastructure under test in a closed feedback control loop. The technique supports the decomposition of complex resource usage patterns and provides a mechanism for statistically multiplexing application requests of varied characteristics to generate realistic and emergent behavior. It also exploits parallelism at multiple levels to improve simulation efficiency, while maintaining temporal and causal relationships with proper synchronization. Our experiments demonstrate that the proposed technique can synthesize complex resource usage behavior for effective cloud performance benchmarking. © 2012 IEEE.


01 Dec 2012


WSC 2012