J. Supercond. Novel Magn.

Generation of Bulk HTS with Doped Tungstates

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Doped tungstates exhibit superconductivity as indicated to occur mainly at the surface of the WO3 grains present. To generate bulk 3D superconducting material of doped tungstates, it is proposed to employ the recently discovered UV-generated synthesis of complex oxides from mixed simple oxides by illuminating the mixture with ultraviolet light at modest temperatures, as found in Shengelaya’s group in Tbilisi, and to generate a percolating 3D network of 2D superconducting sheets using the smallest basis oxides as the starting material. The latter procedure was demonstrated recently to be very effective in a collaboration with the present author (Daraselia et al., J. Appl. Phys. 121, 145104, 2017). If this proposition is successful, it would establish the doped tungstates as a second group of HTS besides the copper oxides that could be chosen for certain applications.


18 Aug 2017


J. Supercond. Novel Magn.