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From trace generation to visualization: A performance framework for distributed parallel systems

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In this paper we describe a trace analysis framework, from trace generation to visualization. It includes a unified tracing facility on IBM® SPTMsystems, a self-defining interval file format, an API for framework extensions, utilities for merging and statistics generation, and a visualization tool with preview and multiple time-space diagrams. The trace environment is extremely scalable, and combines MPI events with system activities in the same set of trace files, one for each SMP node. Since the amount of trace data may be very large, utilities are developed to convert and merge individual trace files into a self-defining interval trace file with multiple frame directories. The interval format allows the development of multiple time-space diagrams, such as thread-activity view, processor-activity view, etc., from the same interval file. A visualization tool, Jumpshot, is modified to visualize these views. A statistics utility is developed using the API, along with its graphics viewer.