Solid-State Electronics

Finite element analysis and analytical simulations of Suspended Gate-FET for ultra-low power inverters

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This paper proposes, the investigation of the Suspended Gate Field-Effect Transistor (SG-FET) small-slope switch based on a hybrid numerical simulation approach combining ANSYSTM Multiphysics and ISE-DESSISTM in a self-consistent system. The proposed numerical simulations uniquely enable the investigation of the behavior and the physics of complex micro-electro-mechanical/solid-state devices, such as the SG-FET. Abrupt switching as well as the effect of trapped charges in the gate dielectric are demonstrated. The numerical data serve to calibrate an analytical EKV-based SG-FET model, which is then used to design and originally simulate a sub-micron (90 nm) scaled SG-FET complementary inverter. It is shown that, due to abrupt switching in the subthreshold region and electro-mechanical hysteresis, the SG-FET inverter could deliver a significant power saving (1-2 decades reduction of inverter peak current and practically no leakage power) compared to traditional CMOS inverter. © 2008 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.