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FERARI: A prototype for complex event processing over streaming multi-cloud platforms

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In this demo, we present FERARI, a prototype that enables realtime Complex Event Processing (CEP) for large volume event data streams over distributed topologies. Our prototype constitutes, to our knowledge, the first complete, multi-cloud based end-to-end CEP solution incorporating: a) a user-friendly, web-based query authoring tool, (b) a powerful CEP engine implemented on top of a streaming cloud platform, (c) a CEP optimizer that chooses the best query execution plan with respect to low latency and/or reduced inter-cloud communication burden, and (d) a query analytics dashboard encompassing graph and map visualization tools to provide a holistic picture with respect to the detected complex events to final stakeholders. As a proof-of-concept, we apply FERARI to enable mobile fraud detection over real, properly anonymized, telecommunication data from T-Hrvatski Telekom network in Croatia.