ICML 2020
Conference paper

Fast learning of graph neural networks with guaranteed generalizability: One-hidden-layer case

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Although graph neural networks (GNNs) have made great progress recently on learning from graph-structured data in practice, their theoretical guarantee on generalizability remains elusive in the literature. In this paper, we provide a theoretically-grounded generalizability analysis of GNNs with one hidden layer for both regression and binary classification problems. Under the assumption that there exists a groundtruth GNN model (with zero generalization error), the objective of GNN learning is to estimate the ground-Truth GNN parameters from the training data. To achieve this objective, we propose a learning algorithm that is built on tensor initialization and accelerated gradient descent. We then show that the proposed learning algorithm converges to the ground-Truth GNN model for the regression problem, and to a model sufficiently close to the ground-Truth for the binary classification problem. Moreover, for both cases, the convergence rate of the proposed learning algorithm is proven to be linear and faster than the vanilla gradient descent algorithm. We further explore the relationship between the sample complexity of GNNs and their underlying graph properties. Lastly, we provide numerical experiments to demonstrate the validity of our analysis and the effectiveness of the proposed learning algorithm for GNNs.


13 Jul 2020


ICML 2020