Physical Review A - AMO

Evidence for bound entangled states with negative partial transpose

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We exhibit a two-parameter family of bipartite mixed states [Formula Presented] in a [Formula Presented] Hilbert space, which are negative under partial transposition (NPT), but for which we conjecture that no maximally entangled pure states in [Formula Presented] can be distilled by local quantum operations and classical communication (LQ+CC). Evidence for this undistillability is provided by the result that, for certain states in this family, we cannot extract entanglement from any arbitrarily large number of copies of [Formula Presented] using a projection on [Formula Presented] These states are canonical NPT states in the sense that any bipartite mixed state in any dimension with NPT can be reduced by LQ+CC operations to a NPT state of the [Formula Presented] form. We show that the main question about the distillability of mixed states can be formulated as an open mathematical question about the properties of composed positive linear maps. © 2000 The American Physical Society.