SPIE Advanced Lithography 2022
Invited talk

Etch and Patterning Development for 2nm Node Nanosheet Devices

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IBM Research recently announced that 2nm node Nanosheet Technology is able to deliver superior density, power and performance compared to today’s 7nm FinFET technology in mass production. To enable 2nm node Nanosheet Technology, advanced patterning solutions are required. Dimensional compression drives the need for advanced patterning solutions including wider use of extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography. This also creates higher in feature aspect ratios, which in turn creates additional challenges during plasma etch. As aspect ratios continue to increase, difficulty with in-feature ion, radical, and volatile species transport during plasma etch presents an exceptional challenge. Dimensional scaling and wider use of EUV increases the need for further reduction of critical dimension (CD) variability, including line edge and line width roughness. The introduction of 3-dimensional gate all around nanosheet architecture has introduced an additional unique set of patterning challenges to address for coming technology nodes. When combined with dimensional scaling there is a clear need for novel advanced patterning process solutions to enable future nodes. In this presentation a variety of these challenges and the impact they will have on device and node scaling will be introduced and reviewed.