ECOOP 2013
Conference paper

Enterprise context - A rich source of requirements for context-oriented programming

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We introduce the domain of enterprise context, as opposed to personal or execution context, and we present requirements for context-oriented programming technology arising out of this broader notion of context. We illustrate enterprise context with scenarios in which data from across an enterprise, as well as data from outside an enterprise, are all brought to bear as context in any situation where they are relevant and can factor into making better decisions and achieving better outcomes. We suggest enterprise context as a rich source of requirements for context-oriented programming models, languages, and virtual machines. In particular, we raise issues such as scale, integration, relevance, temporality, protection, privacy, provenance, policy in general, and valuation. And, for this workshop, we propose enterprise context as one perspective for discussion of new language and VM features: How do proposed features support such a domain? Copyright 2013 ACM.