Applied Physics Letters

Enhancement of transport critical current densities at 75 K in(Bi,Pb) 2Sr2Ca2Cu3Oy /Ag tapes by means of fission tracks from irradiation by 0.8 GeV protons

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The transport critical current density Jc of oxide-powder-in-tube mono- and multifilamentary Bi-2223/Ag tapes has been determined before and after irradiation by 0.8 GeV protons at fluences up to 7.0×1016 protons/cm2. Proton-induced fission of the Bi nuclei produced up to 8.6×1013 fissions/cm3, creating long tracks at densities equivalent to matching fields up to 1.1 T. Relative to unirradiated tapes, Jc values at 75 and 64 K show no decrease in self field, indicating no breakdown of intergranular coupling, and show large, dose-dependent enhancements in magnetic fields oriented parallel to the tape normal.© 1995 American Institute of Physics.