Journal of Physical Chemistry A

Energy transfer within Zn-porphyrin dendrimers: Study of the singlet-singlet annihilation kinetics

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In this article, we explore energy transfer processes within a series of Zn-porphyrin-appended dendrimers by means of excitation intensity dependent transient absorption measurements. We report singlet-singlet annihilation on two distinct time scales of 18 ± 5 ps and 130 ± 10 ps in the dimer and the dendrimers. The two distinct processes reflect the presence of two structural conformer distributions. Analysis of the singlet-singlet annihilation transient kinetics shows that sequential annihilation occurs within subunits up to four Zn-porphyrins in the dendrimers. The onset of the singlet-singlet annihilation process depending on the size of the molecule reveals a difference in the number of communicating Zn-porphyrins. We further report a full characterization of the transient absorption kinetics of the monomer over a spectral range from 450 to 730 nm. © 2005 American Chemical Society.