CCGrid 2017
Conference paper

Enabling distributed software-defined environments using dynamic infrastructure service composition

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Service-based access models coupled with emerging application deployment technologies are enabling opportunities for realizing highly customized software-defined environments, which can support dynamic and data-driven applications. However, this requires rethinking traditional resource federation models to support dynamic resource compositions, which can adapt to evolving application needs and the dynamic state of underlying resources. In this paper, we present a programmable approach that leverages software-defined techniques to create a dynamic space-Time infrastructure service composition. We propose the use of Constraint Programming as a formal language to allow users, applications, and service providers to define the desired state of the execution environment. The resulting distributed software-defined environment continually adapts to meet objectives/constraints set by the users, applications, and/or resource providers. We present the design and prototype implementation of such distributed software-defined environment. We use a cancer informatics workflow to demonstrate the operation of our framework using resources from five different cloud providers, which are aggregated on-demand based on dynamic user and resource provider constraints.