MRS Fall Meeting 1996
Conference paper

Electrodeposition for Hi-MEMS with special reference to fabrication of a magnetic mini-motor


Electrodeposition through photoresist masks is a critical, enabling technology for fabrication of the thick structures (of up to several hundred microns) involved in HI-MEMS. Process integration is an important issue in HI-MEMS. The electrodeposited structure is influenced by the choice of optical or X-ray lithography. Thickness uniformity of the deposit on the wafer scale can be optimized by the use of an auxiliary cathode. On the device or feature scales, thickness uniformity can be improved by the thoughtful design of the pattern to be plated. A variable reluctance, planar, integrated mini-motor with a 6 mm diameter rotor has been fabricated using lithography, electrodeposition and dielectric planarization processes. The rotors were fabricated separately, released from the substrate, and slipped on the shaft, which was plated up as part of the stator fabrication.