IEDM 2014
Conference paper

Electrical characterization of FinFETs with fins formed by directed self assembly at 29 nm fin pitch using a self-aligned fin customization scheme

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In this work, we report electrical characterization FinFET devices with 29nm-pitch fins patterned using a technique called tone inverted grapho-epitaxy (TIGER). We use a topographic template to direct the self-assembly of block copolymers (BCP) to form small area gratings that are self-aligned to the template. After a tone-inversion operation, blocks of defect free SOI fins bounded by self-aligned exclude regions are formed with the spacing determined by the template line width (LW). This self-aligned customization enables further definition of the active region for FinFETs. Process window and design implications for directed self-assembly (DSA) with TIGER are also discussed.