SCC 2012
Conference paper

Effective reuse via modeling, managing and searching of business process assets

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Cost and competitive pressures are forcing business organizations to reuse assets from repositories, rather than develop them from scratch. But this has been hampered by some issues that have not been addressed so far. First, there is a lack of a mechanism for the representation of business process assets as variants and versions in repositories. Second, there is no formal means to compare between different variants and versions of an asset and determine which is the best to select for reuse. Third, there is a lack of a technique to determine the extent to which a business process asset could be customized for reuse. In this paper, we address the above research issues by presenting an integrated approach for modeling, analyzing, and searching business process assets in a repository for enhancing reuse. We demonstrate our approach on a large repository of business process assets in the insurance domain. © 2012 IEEE.