International Journal of Computational Methods

Early experiences with the 360tf IBM Blue Gene/L platform

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The High Order Method Modeling Environment is a scalable, spectral-element-based prototype for the Community Atmospheric Model component of the Community Climate System Model. The 3D moist primitive equations are solved on the cubed sphere with a hybrid pressure η vertical coordinate using an Emanuel convective parametrization for moist processes. Semi-implicit time integration, based on a preconditioned conjugate gradient solver, circumvents the time step restrictions associated with gravity waves. Benchmarks for two standard tests problems at 10 km horizontal resolution have been run on Blue Gene/ L. Results obtained on a 32-rack Blue Gene/L system (65,536 processors, 183.5-teraflop peak) show sustained performance of 8.0 teraflops on 32,768 processors for the moist Held-Suarez test problem in coprocessor mode and 11.3 teraflops on 32,768 processors for the aquaplanet test problem, running in virtual node mode. © 2008 World Scientific Publishing Company.