HPDC 2012
Workshop paper

DOME: Towards the ASTRON & IBM center for ExaScale technology

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The computational and storage demands for the future Square Kilometer Array (SKA) radio telescope are significant. Building on the experience gained with the collaboration between ASTRON and IBM with the Blue Gene based LOFAR correlator, ASTRON and IBM have now embarked on a public-private exascale computing research project aimed at solving the SKA computing challenges. This project, called DOME, investigates novel approaches to ex-ascale computing, with a focus on energy efficient, streaming data processing, exascale storage, and nano-photonics. DOME will not only benefit the SKA, but will also make the knowledge gained available to interested third parties via a Users Platform. The intention of the DOME project is to evolve into the global center of excellence for transporting, processing, storing and analyzing large amounts of data for minimal energy cost: the 'ASTRON & IBM Center for Exascale Technology'. Copyright 2012 ACM.