EMNLP 2022

DiffG-RL: Leveraging Difference between State and Common Sense

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Taking into account background knowledge as context has always been an important part of solving tasks that involve natural language. One representative example of such tasks is text-based games, where players need to make decisions based on both description text previously shown in the game, and their own background knowledge about the language and common sense. In this work, we investigate not simply giving common sense, as can be seen in prior research, but also its effective usage. We assume that a part of the environment states different from common sense should constitute one of the grounds for action selection. We propose a novel agent, DiffG-RL, which constructs a Difference Graph that organizes the environment states and common sense by means of interactive objects with a dedicated graph encoder. DiffG-RL also contains a framework for extracting the appropriate amount and representation of common sense from the source to support the construction of the graph. We validate DiffG-RL in experiments with text-based games that require common sense and show that it outperforms baselines by 17% scores. We will make our code publicly available.


07 Dec 2022


EMNLP 2022