Knowledge-Based Systems

Diagnostic spatio-temporal transformer with faithful encoding

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This paper addresses the task of anomaly diagnosis when the underlying data generation process has a complex spatio-temporal (ST) dependency. The key technical challenge is to extract actionable insights from the dependency tensor characterizing high-order interactions among temporal and spatial indices. We formalize the problem as supervised dependency discovery, where the ST dependency is learned as a side product of multivariate time-series classification. We show that temporal positional encoding used in existing ST transformer works has a serious limitation in capturing higher frequencies (short time scales). We propose a new positional encoding with a theoretical guarantee, based on discrete Fourier transform. We also propose a new ST dependency discovery framework, which can provide readily consumable diagnostic information in both spatial and temporal directions. Finally, we demonstrate the utility of the proposed model, DFStrans (Diagnostic Fourier-based Spatio-temporal Transformer), in a real industrial application of building elevator control.


15 Aug 2023


Knowledge-Based Systems