EMBC 2021
Conference paper

Development of a Smart Sleep Mask with Multiple Sensors

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In this work, we demonstrated a Smart Sleep Mask with several integrated physiological sensors such as 3-axis accelerometers, respiratory acoustic sensor, and an eye movement sensor. In particular, using infrared optical sensors, eye movement frequency, direction, and amplitude can be directly monitored and recorded during sleep sessions. We also developed a mobile app for data storage, signal processing and data analytics. Aggregation of these signals from a single wearable device may offer ease of use and more insights for sleep monitoring and REM sleep assessment. The user-friendly mask design can enable at-home use applications in the studies of digital biomarkers for sleep disorder related neurodegenerative diseases. Examples include REM Sleep Behavior Disorder, epilepsy event detection and stroke induced facial and eye movement disorder.Clinical Relevance—Many diseases such as stroke, epilepsy, and Parkinson’s disease can cause significant abnormal events during sleep or are associated with sleep disorder. A smart sleep mask may serve as a simple platform to provide various physiological signals and generate clinical meaningful insights by revealing the neurological activities during various sleep stages.