PervasiveHealth 2018
Conference paper

Designing digital goal support systems for multimorbidity self-management: Insights from older adults and their care network

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Older people with multiple chronic conditions face significant challenges self-managing health and wellbeing. Digital behaviour change interventions can motivate and empower selfmanagement. Goal-setting, combined with progress feedback, is a technique often used in such interventions. However, there is little knowledge of digital goal-setting practices of older people, particularly those with multiple complex health conditions. In this paper, we describe an extensive qualitative study with older people with multiple chronic conditions and members of their care network, exploring issues around current practices setting and meeting health and wellbeing goals. Our findings indicate that there are unique challenges for this cohort that may prevent them from setting and meeting goals, including lack of support and feedback, and the impact of their illnesses. We outline a series of digital design features to address challenges relating to goals for this cohort, highlighting those specific to multimorbidity.