npj Quantum Information

Demonstrating the power of quantum computers, certification of highly entangled measurements and scalable quantum nonlocality

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Increasingly sophisticated quantum computers motivate the exploration of their abilities in certifying genuine quantum phenomena. Here, we demonstrate the power of state-of-the-art IBM quantum computers in correlation experiments inspired by quantum networks. Our experiments feature up to 12 qubits and require the implementation of paradigmatic Bell-State Measurements for scalable entanglement-swapping. First, we demonstrate quantum correlations that defy classical models in up to nine-qubit systems while only assuming that the quantum computer operates on qubits. Harvesting these quantum advantages, we are able to certify 82 basis elements as entangled in a 512-outcome measurement. Then, we relax the qubit assumption and consider quantum nonlocality in a scenario with multiple independent entangled states arranged in a star configuration. We report quantum violations of source-independent Bell inequalities for up to ten qubits. Our results demonstrate the ability of quantum computers to outperform classical limitations and certify scalable entangled measurements.


22 Jul 2021


npj Quantum Information